Winning Wines: From Finest Vintage to Picnic Jug

- The 1985 Cabernet Sauvignon gold medal winners:

Priced above $11: Calafia Cellars 1981 Reserve, Napa Valley, Fouremeinette Vineyard (unanimous gold); Johnson Turnbull 1982, Napa Valley; Tudal Winery 1982, Napa Valley; Smothers Winery 1980, Alexander Valley; Steltzner 1981, Napa Valley; Carmenet Vineyards 1982, Sonoma County; Pine Ridge Winery 1982, Napa Valley, Rutherford Cuvee; Domaine Laurier 1982, Sonoma County, Green Valley; Duckhorn Vineyards 1982, Napa Valley; Mirassou 1982 Harvest Reserve, San Jose.

Priced from $7.01 to $11: Silverado Cellars 1982, Napa Valley; Glen Ellen Winery 1982, Sonoma Valley, Glen Ellen Estate; Preston Vineyards 1982, Dry Creek Valley; San Martin 1981, San Martin; Louis J. Foppiano 1981, Russian River Valley; Frey Vineyards 1982, Redwood Valley; Dehlinger Winery 1981, Sonoma County; Gainey Vineyard 1981, Santa Ynez; Marietta Cellars 1982, Sonoma County.

Priced to $7: Castoro Cellars 1981, Atascadero; J. Lohr Winery 1983, San Jose; Bandiera Winery 1982, North Coast; Franzia Brothers, Ceres.

- Chardonnay gold medal winners:

Priced above $12: Richard Longorie Wines 1984, Santa Barbara County; Kalin Cellars 1983 Cuvee I, Sonoma County; Chateau Montelena 1983, Alexander Valley; Charles F. Shaw 1983, Napa Valley; Leeward Winery 1983, Monterey County, Ventana Vineyard; Pine Ridge Winery 1983, Oak Knoll Cuvee, Napa Valley; Mountain View Winery 1983, Sonoma County, Dutton Ranch; Flora Springs Wine Company 1983, Napa Valley; Jekel Vineyards 1982 Reserve, Greenfield; Mayacamas 1982, Napa Valley.

Priced from $8.01 to $12: Sequoia Grove Vineyards 1983, Napa Valley; Rolling Hills Vineyards 1983, Camarillo; Toyon Vineyards 1983, Dry Creek Valley.

Priced to $8: Round Hill Cellars 1984, Napa Valley; Monterey Vineyard 1982, Gonzales.

- Sparkling wine gold medal winners in the dryest, most expensive categories:

- Residual sugar under 0.5%, priced at over $10: Ventana Vineyards 1981 Natural, Soledad; Tijssling Vineyards 1982 Brut, Ukiah; Korbel Champagne Cellars Blanc de Noir, Guerneville; Van der Kamp 1981 Brut, Sonoma County.

- Residual sugar 0.51% to 1.4%, over $10: Shadow Creek Champagne Cellars 1982 Brut, San Luis Obispo; Piper Sonoma Cellars 1982 Brut, Windsor.

- Gold medal sparkling wines in the sweetest, least expensive category:

- Residual sugar over 12.41%, priced under $6: Ballatore Champagne Cellars, California; Franzia Brothers Strawberry Flavor, Ceres; Andre Champagne Cellars Pink, California; J F J Winery Extra Dry, Ceres; Jacques Bonet Raspberry Flavored, California.

- Varietal gold medal winners in the most expensive categories included:

- Barbera: Pedrizzetti Winery 1974, Morgan Hill.

- Chenin Blanc, residual sugar up to 0.7%: Girard Winery 1984, Napa Valley; Dry Creek Vineyard 1984, Sonoma County.

- Gewurztraminer, residual sugar up to 0.7%: Monticello Cellars 1983, Napa Valley; Chateau St. Jean 1984, Kenwood, Frank Johnson Vineyards.

- Gewurztraminer, residual sugar more than 12%: Chateau St. Jean 1983 Select Late Harvest, Kenwood, Belle Terre Vineyards; Chateau St. Jean 1983 Select Late Harvest, Kenwood, Robert Young Vineyards.

- Merlot: Whitehall Lane Winery 1982, Knight's Valley; Robert Keenan Winery 1982, Napa Valley.

- Muscat, residual sugar over 12%: Bonny Doon 1984, "Vin de Paille."

- Petite Sirah: Field Stone Winery 1981, Alexander Valley.

- Pinot Blanc: Chateau St. Jean 1983, Kenwood, Robert Young Vineyards.

- Pinot Noir: Frick 1981, Santa Cruz.

- Sauvignon Blanc, residual sugar up to 0.7%: Dry Creek Vineyards 1984 Fume, Sonoma County; Creston Manor Vineyards 1984, Creston; Glen Ellen Winery 1984, Sonoma County.

- White Riesling, residual sugar 0.71% to 3%: Robert Mondavi Winery 1984, Oakville.

- White Riesling, residual sugar more than 12%: Franciscan Vineyards 1982 Select Late Harvest, Rutherford.

- Zinfandel: De Loach Vineyards 1981, Santa Rosa; Storybook Mountain Vineyards 1980 Reserve, Calistoga; Cakebread Cellars 1981, Napa Valley, Beatty Ranch.

- White Zinfandel, residual sugar 0.71% to 3%: De Loach Vineyards 1984, Santa Rosa, Russian River Valley.

- Gold medal winners in the least expensive generic categories:

Red, up to $3: Carrari Vineyards, Dago Red, Santa Barbara County; Italian Swiss Colony Classic Burgundy, San Francisco; Turner Winery Burgundy, Woodbridge; Sebastiani Vineyards Mountain Burgunbdy, Sonoma; Taylor California Cellars Burgundy, Gonzales.

White, up to $3: Taylor California Cellars Chablis, Gonzales.

A complete listing may be obtained by sending $4 (covers postage and handling) to Orange County Wine Society Wine Awards Booklet, P.O. Box 3221, Orange, Calif. 92665 , or to Orange County Wine Winners, 883 Sneath Lane No. 219, San Bruno , Calif . 94066.

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