Three cheers for Palm Beach!!

Recently, I reluctantly allowed my home to be used as a location for a major motion picture by a major studio, only after receiving a month's worth of pleading, assurances and inducements.

Months after my home was restored to me, I and eventually my attorney were still battling for the things that had been promised to us. The movie company's attitude seemed to be "Promise them anything, get the footage in the can and screw 'em. "

The production and technical people were lovely--it was the location people who made the problems. They were rude, dishonest and actually threatening in the end (after filming was completed). And there was never any, "May we please work out an arrangement to use your home?" It was, "We've decided to use your place."

I would advise anyone who is approached for this sort of arrangement to respond with an immediate and firm "No, thank you." Those Palm Beach-ers know exactly what they are talking about, and more power to them!


Santa Monica

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