Religion Enhances School Activities

The article by Ann Johnson on July 14 brings out an important aspect of Jewish life in the South Bay. The fact is that some Jews are misinformed by basing their views on stereotyped attitudes. Having taught at the Chabad Preschool of the South Bay, I can attest that the children there come from various backgrounds, such as Orthodox and non-Orthodox parents whose children receive innovative instruction in a computerized classroom. Not only has religion enhanced their daily school activities, but it has also brought parents and children together in a closely knit relationship. Indeed, all the parents, observant and non-observant, are extremely satisfied with the curriculum such as the observance of the Sabbath.

The dietary laws prescribe only that the children bring a dairy lunch, leaving them the choice to have their non-dairy meal at home in the evening. That arrangement satisfies everyone in the end. Some of the Orthodox principles during school hours have to do with reciting a short prayer conducted by the boys in the morning, stories from the Bible, a covered head for the boys since the school is on synagogue grounds and a short prayer recited by the children before lunch. These are some of the few adherences that religion demands, and what's wrong with that! After all, what is Judaism all about if not adherence to religion which brings closeness to God?


Rancho Palos Verdes

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