Battle Continues Over Price Club

Signal Hill Mayor Louis Dare (Southeast / Long Beach sections, July 19) stated (in a letter) that "not all Willow Ridge residents are opposed to the Price Club." While this is true, those who are opposed make up 80% of the residents who live at Willow Ridge.

On a citywide scale, the petitions submitted to the City Council at the public hearing regarding the disposition and development agreement contained approximately 275 signatures from individuals opposed to the Price Club. Of those, approximately 140 were generated by Willow Ridge residents, while the balance represents citizens from throughout Signal Hill.

Dare also states that he suspects that a small group is "using the issue to build a political base to use as a springboard in the next election." Perhaps the mayor needs to be reminded that we are all citizens of Signal Hill, that we all pay taxes, and that it will be at the direct expense of the Willow Ridge community as well as residents living in the surrounding areas of the hill to allow the Price Club to come into our city.

During the April, 1982, election, Dare stated: "Developers are exploiting Signal Hill by irresponsible building, causing overcrowding, parking and traffic problems. I would like to see us change direction and retain a quiet, small-town atmosphere."

Apparently Dare and the council do not believe an influx of 8,000 to 15,000 people each day (weekends up to 20,000) sufficient to cause overcrowding, parking and traffic congestion and greatly increased crime. Nor do the other members of the City Council appear to be concerned about the negative impact Price Club will have on the proposed Hilltop Specific Plan. All they appear to be concerned about is money.

Perhaps Signal Hill does need a change of face at City Hall.


Signal Hill

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