An Issue for Comments

A few comments on the July 7 Travel Section:

The article in Cruise Views by Shirley Slater and Harry Basch mentions the Norway jazz cruise and claims that Zoot Sims will be one of the participants. His ghost, maybe, since he played the cruise last year, but Zoot died several months ago. He is not listed on the 1985 roster by the Norway, so the writers were probably relying on last year's list.

As for the letter from Carolyn Ford commending New York customs, I'd like to add my good word. The night before flying home my handbag was stolen in Rome. It contained all the usual things such as money, travelers checks, credit cards as well as receipts and sales slips. I had spent substantially more than the $400 limit, and since I am an importer (antiques), would not falsify my declaration.

I had hoped to pay duty by borrowing from a fellow passenger. However, the customs man looked at the police report, listened to my sad story and said, "I won't add to your problems." He x-ed out the list and OKd my declaration--no charge!


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