Anaheim : Vote Delayed on Sales of Alcohol at Gas Stations


City Council members postponed a decision Tuesday on whether to allow the sale of alcoholic beverages at gasoline station mini-marts in the city.

Mayor Don Roth asked for the continuation after an Arco Petroleum Products Co. spokesman, Don Davis, said that no correlation exists between the sale of alcohol at gas stations and drunk-driving cases.

Davis cited customer studies indicating that less than 2% of Arco’s customers buy beer and gasoline at the same time. Davis also pointed to a study in Phoenix, Ariz., that he said showed that none of the drunk drivers arrested during the first quarter of 1985 had bought their alcoholic beverages at a gas station mini-mart.


Mayor Pro Tem Ben Bay said he has seen no proof that alcohol sales at gas stations lead to an increase of drunk driving cases. Bay called the city Planning Commission’s request for an ordinance banning such establishments “a knee-jerk reaction.”

Council member Miriam Kaywood suggested that a moratorium be placed on any such establishments until the council votes on the issue at its Sept. 10.