Woman Who Tried to Swindle Reagans Gets 3-Year Term

A Northridge woman who admitted that she tried to swindle her friends, two banks, a neighbor and President Reagan out of more than $300,000 was sentenced today to three years and four months in state prison.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Everett E. Ricks Jr. said he did not impose a stiffer sentence because Ann Yarbrough is 76. Her husband, James, 61 was placed on probation last September.

Ann Yarbrough had pleaded guilty in March, 1984, to a conspiracy charge involving a scheme to use a phony check to open escrow on President Reagan’s former home in Pacific Palisades. She was also accused of defrauding friends and two banks.

Last December, while awaiting sentencing, she was charged with a new crime--passing a bad $7,200 check to a neighbor.