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Rock star Madonna has filed a lawsuit seeking to bar the release of a 5-year-old soft-core pornographic movie in which she stars.

Madonna, in court papers filed Tuesday, said she had signed a release permitting her voice and body to be featured on the film.

But, she said in papers filed in state Supreme Court in Manhattan, she did not authorize the use of her name in connection with the film.

"A Certain Sacrifice" features Madonna in an orgy scene. She also is seen being raped in a coffee-shop restroom.

The suit comes less than a month after nude pictures of her appeared in Playboy and Penthouse magazines. Madonna said she had no objection to publication of the photographs, adding that she was "ashamed of nothing."

In the court suit, however, she argued that if producer Jon Lewicki releases the film with her identified as Madonna, it will damage the image that she has fought to create.

She said it was a poor-quality film with an even poorer plot.

The film was made in 1980 when Madonna was 19. Lewicki said Madonna was paid $100 for her performance.

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