Median Condo Prices Jump in San Diego

Median sales prices of San Diego County condominiums jumped from $95,533 in May to $106,363 in June, according to Insites, a new monthly residential housing survey published by the Goodkin Group and Founders Title.

"Of all products offered in San Diego County during the month, more than 25% were of the two-bedroom, two-bath variety, which represents a powerful trend in the marketplace," according to Mervyn Morris, Founders Title vice president and county manager. That size accounted for nearly 23% of total sales in the county.

They were closely followed by three-bedroom, two-bath and three bedroom-2 1/2 bath units, each accounting for 16% of the total product offered and for 17.9% and 15.4%, respectively, of the total sales. Those sizes, however, remained the most popular for detached housing.

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