Two-Day Arts Festival to Raise Funds for Travelers Aid in L.B.

The Travelers Aid Society of Long Beach/Orange County is planning a two-day Renaissance arts festival Aug. 24 and 25 in the city's Shoreline Park next to Shoreline Village.

According to executive director Tish Cunningham, the purpose of the event--which will feature jesters, mimes, dancers, jugglers, musicians, fine arts and crafts booths and food--is to raise money for the society, which expects to serve some 52,000 people this year.

"We wanted something that was different," said Cunningham. "People have heard of the (Renaissance Faire in Agoura) and they are tired of traveling north to attend it. For once we thought it would be nice to have something of our own right here in Long Beach."

Festival planners, she said, hope to attract 10,000 people and realize a profit of at least $20,000. Currently, she said, the society's $260,000 annual budget is supported partially by United Way funds and largely by the fund-raising activities of the society's board of directors.

"We have one benefit theater party per year and request contributions from persons in the community," said Cunningham. "But that just isn't enough to cover the increase in demand for our services."

The society--with an office in Long Beach and desks at various locations throughout the Long Beach and Orange County areas--provides advice and emergency food, shelter and transportation to runaway children, homeless families and stranded travelers.

Organizers hope the renaissance arts festival will become an annual event.

Admission is $2 for adults and $1 for children 5 to 12 years old.

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