It's Not Players' Fault, as If Anyone Still Cares

I'm getting so tired of hearing that everything wrong in baseball is the players' fault. The average baseball player has played since he's been old enough to hold a bat--Little League, high school, sometimes college, minor leagues, and finally he makes the major leagues. Up to now he's barely made enough money to survive. Now he's got to make enough money to make up for all those years--and the years after baseball, which will be a good many.

Everything he does professionally is open to scrutiny. You boo him. He travels constantly. He may live in 10 different cities during his career.

How many of the owners could withstand the scrutiny the players get when they conduct their business? Could you in your job? I think not.

They are professionals entitled to whatever the traffic will bear--and the traffic will bear anything the owners will pay. The players have my complete support. (Incidentally, I do not even know a player.)


Granada Hills

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