Offshore Oil Moratorium

According to the compromise, the vast majority of new beach frontage in southern California to be opened for oil-drilling belongs to one community alone--Palos Verdes, while a moratorium is extended from Santa Monica to San Diego. How could such a discriminatory plan be conceived? Is there no justice or fair play?

Recognized as the best area for sportfishing, the coast of Palos Verdes is precisely where the state has already spent a great deal of money and effort for enhancement. It is also where kelp beds were carefully planted and monitored, where abalone beds are being seeded and where sailing regattas are held every weekend. Will pleasure craft find pleasure in dodging little man-made islands on their way to Catalina? Will cruise ships and, yes, oil tankers, enjoy zigzagging their way out to sea? And will the whales want to come back again?

The shores of Palos Verdes include magnificent coves and vistas. It is the pride and heritage of every Southern Californian. Marineland hosts millions from around the world. Schoolchildren from throughout the county come to explore our precious and already endangered tide pools. This is where the Angeleno can go after an exhausting day in the rat race, where the air is pure, where the whales and seals frolic, where his spirits can be renewed. What price human gains when you are destroying his soul?


Palos Verdes

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