City of Hope

I am writing this in response to the article saying the government is withholding funds from the City of Hope pending an inquiry into allegations made by a group that animals were severely mistreated.

Did it ever occur to the powers that be that what these people did was illegal? They had no right to enter these premises and release these animals, all of which were under medical supervision. If they had found during an investigation that these animals were mistreated or their surroundings were not as they felt they should be, then there are legal procedures to take.

What gave them the right to destroy years of work--work that might lead to a cure for some of man's most dreaded diseases? How many thousands have already benefited by research, not only here but in many other facilities? How many must die because of these do-gooders who would abolish animal experiments altogether?

Don't get me wrong. I, too, am an animal lover. I have a cat and a 15-year-old German shepherd. My Sassy has arthritis and hip problems. She goes to the vet once a week for acupuncture and an anti-inflammatory shot, which is a costly procedure, but since the whole family loves her we are doing everything we can to make life more comfortable. Our family has always had a pet or two, and they are part of us.

I also have a son who is diabetic and must take insulin injections twice a day. He must do this until a cure is found. I will never get used to watching him take his shot. I will never stop thinking of what possibly lies in store for him healthwise.

But I will also never stop praying for a cure. If these people have their way, there may never be a cure. Let them watch a small child inject himself daily. Let them tell their child, You go to the birthday party but don't eat the goodies.

How many others, here now and those yet unborn, may never stand a chance of healthy, normal lives if research is slowed or even eliminated because of certain groups?

Yes, I love animals but I love people more!



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