Freeway Foibles

Commuting on the Ventura Freeway eastbound daily for the past 13 years has taught me a lot about human nature and what people will try to accomplish while behind the wheel of a car. I thought that seeing a man shaving was scary, but then came the man reading the morning paper at about 45 m.p.h.

And about a year ago I saw a young man in the car in front of me changing his shirt, and it got stuck over his head--hiding his face--while his car was moving at a pretty fast speed!

Last week I finally saw what has to be the ultimate--on the Ventura Freeway eastbound at Tampa Avenue: a man brushing his teeth while driving about 60 m.p.h.! I admit that at least his view of the freeway was not blocked, but I am still trying to figure out where he intended to rinse his mouth out!


Canoga Park

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