Book-Burners-- Who Are They?

Regarding your editorial (Aug. 20),"See the Busy Book-Burners": How typical of a writer with these views to label those with whom he doesn't agree as "book-burners!" I wonder what this person calls those of his or her own philosophical persuasion who work just as diligently to ban books in the school libraries that they consider objectionable; especially those that might contain material of a "religious" nature.

Rarely will one find a book in a public school library that even comes close to upholding Judeo-Christian values, let alone a book offering a scientific alternative to evolution. Why? Their excuse is that it violates the doctrine of separation of church and state. Little does the writer realize that he and groups like People for the American Way are equally zealous in imposing their views and that their views are just as "religious" as those of the "New Right."

The writer says, "The purpose of education is to teach students to think, not to instill dogma." What a joke! Public school children are being taught the dogma of People for the American Way, the American Civil Liberties Union and the Humanist Manifesto, which outlines the beliefs of secular humanism. This is separation of church and state? This is academic freedom?


Simi Valley

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