Home Protection

We are all security-conscious these days, and we are buying stronger locks and installing simple or elaborate systems that will warn us of a hostile presence in our homes. However, to my knowledge, nobody has suggested a family dog.

An attack-trained dog is not necessary, nor a Doberman pinscher. Even a small dog provides a lot of protection. He will bark if a stranger comes to the door (or window) at night. Intruders usually rely on quiet and surprise. Barking will discourage them and alert the family.

A big dog has one advantage. His deep-throated bark will give pause to the kind of criminal who rings the door bell and hopes that the homeowner will be so foolish as to open the door without proper identification.

Large or small, man’s best friend can provide a vital margin of safety. With crime all over the city and killers at large, this is the best possible time to go to one of the pounds or animal shelters--all of which are filled with dogs who need good homes--and choose a personal protector. He should be neutered, if he isn’t already, or spayed if a female. (It won’t affect his personality.) His sleeping quarters should be in the living room or hall, not in a bedroom or kitchen behind a closed door.


Those who follow this suggestion will have loving companions and be far less likely to become statistics.


Los Angeles