Coalition’s Role in Cable TV Vote

According to the newspapers, Councilman Warren Harwood is backing Craig Garbe and the Long Beach Coalition for Traditional Values. This is a front name for Christian fundamentalists who take it upon themselves to tell you and me what we may see or read or hear. Garbe and his self-appointed guardians of the public soul have been known to pack City Council chambers to force through their religious credos by council edict. Councilman Harwood usually back these righteous fundamentalists.

Garbe and Harwood are trying to block prospective cable operator Steve Simmons from providing cable TV to the city of Long Beach. They believe Simmons might provide cable programs that they wouldn’t want the public to see --even if you pay for it. What this means is that Garbe should have approval of your public cable TV.

Councilman Marc Wilder says, “I think Warren has raised some phony issues. In my opinion, he’s doing the work of the right-wing fundamentalists. He seems to be their last friend and they seem to be his.”

How can Long Beach come out of the dark ages that it has been stuck in with council persons who side with religious zealots who see evil in everything and who make racial slurs in public? If we do not rid ourselves of these tiny minds we shall remain a tiny city. We must have representatives for all of Long Beach, regardless of creed or color.



Long Beach