Twins Say Howe Has a ‘Temporary Recurrence’ of Cocaine Use

Relief pitcher Steve Howe admitted to Minnesota Twins officials Monday night that he used cocaine last weekend, suffering what the team called a “temporary recurrence of his past problem.”

Minnesota Twins President Howard Fox said Howe, 27, would be examined by a doctor today and no decision on his future would be made until then.

Howe met with Fox during the Twins’ game against the Texas Rangers Monday night to explain his absence since Friday.

He had skipped the Twins’ weekend series against the Cleveland Indians, telling the club he was in the Detroit area to visit the grandfather of his wife, Cindy, who had suffered a stroke.

However, according to family members contacted by the Minneapolis Star and Tribune, Howe never appeared at the grandfather’s house. Howe contacted a Twins’ official Sunday, calling collect.


When asked if Howe had used cocaine, Fox nodded in agreement.

“We had a long discussion and basically, that’s what he told us,” Fox said. “He was very sad, very remorseful. He feels very embarrassed that he let everybody down.”

Fox said Commissioner Peter Ueberroth--who has taken a hard-line stance against drug abuse--would also likely have something to say about Howe’s future.