Seniors’ Housing Plan Questioned

Not all in La Mirada agree with the City Council’s concept of La Mirada’s senior citizens’ housing needs (Southeast/Long Beach sections Community Digest, Sept. 12).

The City Council might be surprised to learn that an average of $900-a-month rent is too steep for many older citizens. Does the city propose to subsidize those who live on $500 or $600 a month?

How about apartments with fewer amenities? We already have two convalescent homes in the city. Overheard also was the remark, “I can buy a lot of TV dinners and Meals on Wheels for less.”

Rather than trips to Oregon and Arizona to investigate a Portland-based development firm by a City Council member, I wonder how many trips have been made to Fullerton, Anaheim, Santa Fe Springs and Whittier to see what has been built for seniors.


A HUD project is a possibility also. But the word HUD seems to be a dirty word in the city of La Mirada.


La Mirada