Fort Worth oilman Dick Lowe said he...

Fort Worth oilman Dick Lowe said he was one of the boosters involved in making illegal payments to Texas Christian University football players.

Lowe said he is prepared to undergo public scrutiny and will cooperate with an NCAA investigator, who is expected on the TCU campus early next week, the Dallas Morning News reported.

TCU Coach Jim Wacker suspended star running back Kenneth Davis and five other players after they told him Thursday night they had received illegal payments while being recruited during the tenure of Wacker’s predecessor, F.A. Dry.

Lowe indicated he would give the NCAA a report about the illegal payments and that he saw no reason for a long investigation.

“I’ll tell them everything; who started it and who was involved,” he said. “It won’t be a long drawn-out deal like SMU. It will probably take a day.”