You Name ‘Em . . . Rose Hit ‘Em

Peter Gammons of the Boston Globe, searching for trivia among Pete Rose’s 4,192 hits, found that Rose has totaled:

--129 hits off four 300-game winners: Tom Seaver, Steve Carlton, Warren Spahn and Gaylord Perry.

--131 hits off seven Hall of Famers: Spahn, Sandy Koufax, Robin Roberts, Bob Gibson, Juan Marichal, Don Drysdale and Hoyt Wilhelm.

--Six hits off three Ivy Leaguers: Ron Darling and Ken MacKenzie of Yale, and Pete Broberg of Dartmouth.

--192 hits off five sets of brothers: named Niekro (Phil and Joe), Mahler (Mickey and Rick), Forsch (Ken and Bob), Romo (Vicente and Enrique) and Reuschel (Rick and Paul).


--29 hits off two dentists: Jim Lonborg and Steve Arlin, and nine hits off two orthopedic surgeons, Ron Taylor and George Medich.

--19 hits off two club vice presidents: Dallas Green of the Chicago Cubs and Bill Stoneman of the Montreal Expos.

--Six hits off a pitcher born after Rose had broken in: Dwight Gooden.

Trivia Time: Who threw the only touchdown pass for the Rams in the Super Bowl? (Answer below.)

Paul Johns, former Seattle Seahawks receiver, on his new job as a customer relations manager for a Seattle car dealership: “I’ve been working at it for two weeks and I’ve found irate customers are tougher than defensive backs. There are no films of irate customers to study.”

Henry Cotton, 78, three-time British Open champion, told Golf Digest that he has three rules for coping with advancing years on the golf course:

--"I always play from the ladies’ tees or, if necessary, farther out in front.”

--"I never have a bad lie in the rough, because I use the leather mashie, that is, chip it out with my foot.”

--"I concede myself all putts on the grounds that I’ve made thousands of them before and I don’t need the practice.”

Rookie third baseman Wade Rowdon of Cincinnati threw away Wednesday night’s game in Atlanta, but Manager Pete Rose said: “I’m not worried about his play; he’s all right. The scouts rate his arm a 9. That’s almost perfect.”

Said Rose of a throw that went over his head at first: “He rated a 9 on his throwing, but I only rated an 8 1/2 on my leaping.”

From Joseph Sanchez of the Denver Post: “Big Bill Fralic, the Atlanta Falcons’ somewhat eccentric first-rounder who is supposed to have been the best offensive lineman in the draft this year, doesn’t just march to the beat of a different drummer, he sings to it.

“When veterans insisted Fralic sing the University of Pittsburgh’s fight song at training camp, Fralic stood up on a chair and sang, ‘I’m in the money. Bleep you.’ Then he sat down and finished his dinner, while everyone else admired his big contract.”

Quarterback Randall Cunningham of the Philadelphia Eagles rates 28th, or last, in the NFL in passing but is 14th in rushing.

Said Jeff Rutledge, New York Giants backup quarterback who has been posing as Cunningham in drills this week: “I’m tired. Really tired. It takes a lot out of you, moving as much as that.”

Trivia Answer: Lawrence McCutcheon. On a halfback option play, he threw a 24-yard touchdown pass to Ron Smith as the Rams lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XIV, 31-19.


Lee Trevino, asked if he would play in a proposed $1-million tournament next August at a new course built by Jack Nicklaus near Denver: “For that money, I’d play down Interstate 25.”