An East Coast subsidiary of Fluor Corporation...

An East Coast subsidiary of Fluor Corporation has joined two other companies in a joint project to develop, design,construct and finance five resource recovery plants. Daniel International of Greenville, S.C., will build the plants in partnership with Power Recovery Systems Inc. of Cambridge, Mass., and Southern Electric International of Florida.

PRS president Robert S. Davis announced the venture Friday, saying the resources available to his company as a result of the deal enables PRS to guarantee completion dates and construction costs, which will total more than $150 million. PRS would develop the projects and provide the technology, while Southern Electric would provide engineering and purchasing services.

The plants would convert waste products into a combustible gas to produce heat, steam and electricity, a Fluor spokesman said, adding that the gas would be a substitute for oil and natural gas. He also said the plants would probably be built on the East Coast.