Decision on Hillside Project Postponed

The Glendale City Council has postponed until Nov. 12 a crucial zoning decision on a plan to build what would be the largest hillside housing development in the city's history.

The 588-unit Hensler-MacDonald subdivision, proposed for property in the San Rafael Mountains above Glendale Community College, requires a change of zoning to planned residential development, allowing clustered houses. Existing zoning allows only single-family houses. The project would include houses, duplexes and attached town houses.

Any zoning change requires approval by at least four of the five council members. Two of them, Ginger Bremberg and Mayor Jerold Milner, have said they will vote against the rezoning.

If that is the case, the courts may have to decide whether the project can be built. Two weeks ago, the council voted 3 to 2 to approve site plans for the giant subdivision. But the zoning change is also needed.

City Atty. Frank Manzano warned that the developer will have ample grounds for a lawsuit if the council rejects the proposed change.

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