Malibu : Coastal Panel, County Discuss Land Use Plan

Staff members of the California Coastal Commission and the county Department of Planning are negotiating another version of a proposed local coastal plan that would set development guidelines in Malibu.

The two groups hope to reach a compromise in time to conduct a public hearing on the proposal in November, according to Coastal Commission analyst Steve Scholl.

The commission and the Board of Supervisors must agree on a plan before it can take effect. Until a plan is enacted, the commission has final authority over building permits in the Malibu area.

In June, a compromise reached by the two staffs was augmented by Coastal Commission members, who revised the delicately worded document by adding many technical changes suggested by the Malibu Township Council, a civic group.

County officials reacted angrily. In August, the county resubmitted its original plan, which had been rejected by the Coastal Commission for allowing too much growth.

But county planners "acknowledged that essentially we would start our discussion with where we were in June," Scholl said.

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