Ex-Reagan Aide Writes Book That Breaks Code

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POLI SIGH--"Rawhide" is the name of the soon-to-be book--also the Secret Service code name for President Reagan. The book, by former Reagan campaign manager Ed Rollins and political columnist Joe Scott, is tentatively set for fall '86, from Simon & Schuster--whose West Coast editor, Gene Stone, signed it up. . . . On the Democratic side, Sen. Gary Hart goes into his third-of-a-kind retreat in Hilton Head, S.C., this weekend, to plan strategy with 20 or so of his good buddies. Very close L.A. friends, attorney John Emerson, Orion's Mike Medavoy and Orange County developer David Stein, were at the first get-together last spring. Scheduled this time from Los Angeles are Steve and Kitty Moses and Al Gersten. Emerson, Hart's man on the West Coast, is busy putting together the black-tie Nov. 2 benefit at the Moses' Bel-Air home, with Patricia Duff, Medavoy and Doug Rosen (co-owner of Chief's Crown).

DYNASTIC DOINGS--America's own Queen Mother, Joan Collins, returns to her native London next month to do something a commoner has never done before--she'll pull the switch at Regent Street, and will turn on the Christmas lights all over England. . . . Complaints about "Dynasty" being too nicey-nice will soon stop. Joel (George Hamilton) is supposed to quickly turn into a first-class stinker. . . . Monday was a drizzly L.A. day, but even with a cold, Princess Amanda of Moldavia (Catherine Oxenberg) sounded mildly royal. She's putting together the $75-a-head Nov. 1 party at the Hard Rock Cafe for the Princess Grace Foundation. One of the two bands playing for the party will certainly make some feel old. It's the Nelsons--the kids of Ricky Nelson. As the party goes on, Peter Morton's Hard Rock will also backdrop for fashion shows, a jewelry exhibit--a mixed media of young artistic talent. "If I were rich enough," Princess Amanda said, "I would give all the money and just invite friends." Ah, wouldn't we all.

DANCE CRAZY--"Tea. Oh my word. I've had tea every week for two years," actress Barbara Bain said. She hosts these little teas at Trumps to line up support for her favorite, the Dance Gallery, the planned 80,000-square-foot Bunker Hill facility. But it's no tea she's planning for the night of Nov. 7--instead it's the premiere of "White Nights," starring Mikhail Baryshnikov, Gregory Hines and Isabella Rossellini. A new drink from Cointreau, White Night, will premier before the screening at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Hines will be a special guest and will have his feet immortalized in concrete in a block that will later be moved to Bunker Hill. Just like honoree Gene Kelly did at last year's party. Also set for this year--but not to be set in concrete--are Carl Reiner, who'll emcee, and perhaps even "Mischa, who's trying to spring free from his schedule." Well, if anyone can. . . .

MAKING THE ROUNDS--Among downtown business types, lots of talk about a big fancy wedding last weekend in the suburbs. The bride joined the bridegroom in the front of the church, then turned toward the guests for a little impromptu speech before the ceremony. First she thanked her parents. Then she thanked her friends. Then she thanked the maid of honor for spending the night before the wedding with the bridegroom. Then the bride left. She did not throw her bouquet.

AIDS CONCERT--Elizabeth Taylor is at it again. This time she's putting together an April 5 concert at Hollywood Park (headed by her great friend, Marje Everett). She's asked Neil Diamond, Stevie Wonder, Rod Stewart, Michael Jackson and others to sign on. Plans are to share the gate (the park holds about 70,000) with the prestigious new American Foundation for AIDS Research (Taylor is a board member) and long-established AIDS Project L.A.

SIGN OF THE TIMES--Available on all the planes used by the Air Force to fly the President and his cabinet members is a ready supply of Rolaids, Alka-Seltzer--and hair spray.

ALMOST SLEAKEST--Primi, the Westside pasta palace thought up by Valentino's Piero Selvaggio, was rated numero uno in Esquire's latest list of L.A. bars and restaurants, called "the sleakest." OK. That's allowable, with the glitzy likes of Joanna Carson, actress Emma Samms, Dudley Moore and Larry Hagman. But what about pretty Candice Bergen (Malle), who loves lunching on the little pasta with sweet peppers and ricotta. Faced with his usual lunchtime mob, Selvaggio Tuesday dashed through shouting "I'm happening, I'm happening."

ONLY IN L.A.--The line from a publicist about Ozzie Smith, the baseball Wizard of Oz--"I've known him forever. Why I knew him when he was making only $125,000 a year."

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