Musician David Crosby Arrested on Gun Charge

Associated Press

Musician David Crosby, no stranger to police problems in recent years, has been arrested for investigation of possession of a concealed pistol and narcotics paraphernalia, as well as hit-and-run driving, police reported Thursday.

Crosby, 44, a former member of the rock group Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, was arrested by Mill Valley police Wednesday afternoon after allegedly running into a fence in front of a house, Police Lt. Robert Sisk said.

Sisk said that officers found a .45-caliber pistol and suspected drug accessories in the 1985 Ford Thunderbird Crosby was driving. The musician gave police an address in Mill Valley, a Marin County community.


Crosby posted a $5,000 bond and was released. A companion, Jan Dee Dance, 34, who gave the same Mill Valley address, was also arrested on weapon and drug paraphernalia possession charges.

Was on Probation

Crosby was sentenced last May to three years probation after being charged with driving with a suspended license and drunk driving. He was arrested in that case in November of 1984 in Ross, also in Marin County.

In August, 1983, Crosby was sentenced to two concurrent prison terms in Texas for carrying cocaine and a pistol into a nightclub where he was performing. That conviction was later overturned when an appeals court ruled that police illegally entered Crosby’s dressing room, but Crosby was ordered into a drug rehabilitation program.

The veteran musician began a drug program in Summit, N.J., in January of this year, but left a month later while out for a walk.

Crosby’s attorney, David Vogelstein, declined to comment on the current case except to say, “We will be entering a plea of not guilty. We deny the charges.”