Staying at the YMCA in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has an imposing array of hotels, ranging from deluxe to standard. Rates vary, but a recent compilation discloses the average room tab is around $63.

Those who prefer to conserve their travel funds for Hong Kong’s justly famous shopping and dining would do well to look into accommodations available at three YMCA-YWCA facilities.

All in Kowloon, they offer more than 500 air-conditioned rooms with bath. Singles are available for as little as $18 and doubles start around $30. A few suites go for as low as $42 a night. All three are open to both men and women, according to the Hong Kong Tourist Assn.

Close to Shopping


Best known of the three operations in Kowloon is the one on Salisbury Road, next door to the prestigious Peninsula Hotel and within easy range of major shops and restaurants. It has 121 rooms, with singles (only three of those) listed at $18 to $30 a night and doubles $30 to $33. A cafeteria serves moderately priced meals. There is no street number; simply write YMCA, Salisbury Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

The YMCA International, at 23 Waterloo Road, has 305 rooms, including 196 singles with bath at $18 to $35. It has 100 doubles, $28 to $35, and nine suites listed at $41. A restaurant serves Western-style food.

The YWCA, known as the Ann Black Hostel, has 100 rooms with singles at $14 to $40, doubles $32 to $35 and suites for $51. It’s at 5 Man Fuk Road on Waterloo Hill. Amenities include a restaurant serving continental breakfasts and Chinese-style lunches and dinners.

Facility to Open


Another 320 rooms will be available by mid-1986 with the opening of a facility in the Wanchai or “Suzie Wong” district on Hong Kong Island.

Accommodations at the three facilities are in great demand and earliest possible reservations are necessary.

For a listing of all Hong Kong hotels, including the YMCA and YWCA units, write to the Hong Kong Tourist Assn., 421 Powell St., San Francisco 94102. The list includes telex numbers for those who wish to wire ahead.