Pier Seeks Tenant to Lease Sinbad’s for Theater, Restaurant or Nightclub

Times Staff Writer

The Santa Monica Pier Restoration Corp. is seeking tenants for the historic Sinbad’s restaurant building and other vending areas in what is being billed as the biggest recent offering of commercial beachfront space.

Executive director Gail E. Markens said the nonprofit corporation, created by the city, will lease Sinbad’s for use as a theater, restaurant or cabaret/nightclub.

The two-story building, containing about 6,000 square feet, is considered pivotal to the corporation’s effort to upgrade the pier.

“We want to encourage night use of the pier,” Markens said. “This building is important because it has been on the pier for many years. It has historical significance, and I think people identify it with the pier.”


She said the corporation is seeking one tenant to occupy Sinbad’s, which has been vacant for about 10 years, and others to lease outdoor space along the pier and in the new Carousel Park.

“We’re looking for qualified operators with innovative and creative proposals,” Markens said. “And we are willing to work with tenants to make this a sound business investment on their part.”

The leasing agreements are part of a long-range restoration effort. The pier, which draws an estimated 3 million visitors annually, is considered one of Santa Monica’s major tourist attractions. But in recent years it has suffered serious storm damage and a reputation for seediness.

The corporation has several renovation projects under way. It is reinforcing storm-damaged sections and will begin constructing an addition to the pier on the western end next year. Carousel Park at the pier entrance is under construction and new parking plans are being studied.


$1 Million for Renovation

Sinbad’s is the largest building available for leasing but needs up to $1 million in renovation. Markens said the corporation would offer a special payment agreement and help seek public funding for some of the renovation.

The Carousel Park space can be leased to one tenant or subdivided into four sites. Markens said the corporation is seeking service-oriented businesses such as bike and umbrella rental shops and fast-food services. The remaining vending sites are along the northern rail of the pier, and those eight spaces will be leased to open-air vendors, Markens said.

The deadline for open-air vending proposals is Dec. 13. Proposals for Sinbad’s and the Carousel Park must be submitted by Dec. 20.


Markens said the corporation will rate proposals “on the basis of their compatibility with existing recreational and commercial uses, the experience and financial capability of the applicant and the general feasibility of the projects.”