Irvine : Yale Overcrossing Moves Step Closer to Reality

Despite strong neighborhood opposition from Irvine residents, the construction of a vehicular overcrossing at Yale Avenue and the San Diego Freeway has moved one step closer to reality.

In a 3-2 vote Tuesday, the Irvine City Council approved a resolution which asks that the overcrossing be included in the State Transportation Improvement Program as a locally funded project. A final decision on the construction of the overcrossing--which would link the villages of University Park and Woodbridge--will not be made for at least three months, according to Paul Brady, Irvine's assistant city manager.

In the interim, Brady said that the city will prepare an environmental impact report to assess, among other things, potential noise and auto emissions and the safety problems that might exist for schoolchildren along Yale Avenue and Michelson Drive.

The vote came after a five-hour public hearing during which 44 residents testified, the majority of them in opposition.

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