Torrance : Geissert in Mayoral Race


Candidate filings for next year’s city elections do not begin until Dec. 5, but it appears that Councilwoman Katy Geissert is practically a shoo-in for mayor.

With the blessing of Mayor Jim Armstrong, who is prohibited by City Charter from running for a third term, and the support of two former mayors, Geissert, a three-term councilwoman, is expected to face no more than token opposition.

At a $50-a-plate fund-raising dinner on Sunday, Geissert, 58, officially announced her candidacy. Among her supporters who showed up despite a steady rain were former mayors Ken Miller (1970 to 1978) and Albert Isen (1955 to 1970), four of the five other council members, Rep. Mel Levine (D-Santa Monica) and aides representing Los Angeles County Supervisor Deane Dana and state Sen. Robert Beverly (R-Manhattan Beach).


A rumor that former Councilman Dick Rossberg was considering running was killed when he showed up to support Geissert.

The only other potential opponent, Councilman Bill Applegate, announced last month that he would instead seek reelection to the council.

Councilman Mark Wirth is also up for a reelection in the March 4 election for mayor and three council seats.

Geissert remained cautious. “We are going to run a vigorous campaign,” she told the crowd of supporters. “I am looking forward to listening to the people, to have the issues defined and refined.”

Perhaps anticipating Geissert’s election as Torrance’s first woman mayor, city workmen have begun a project she has been fighting for since her election to the council in 1974: Construction of a women’s bathroom in City Hall’s third floor council offices. For the last 11 years, Geissert had only been able to get a sign over the men’s sign on the bathroom door that read: “Please Knock Before Entering.”