Prop. 13 Enemies: How Quickly They Forget

How quickly they forget. Or prefer not to remember. I'm referring to Dick Turpin's Dec. 15 column on "refurbishing" Proposition 13.

The unhappiness expressed by post-1978 home buyers is understandable, but they must recall why Proposition was created in the first place: To stop the soaring annual increases in property taxes that were causing many people to have to sell their homes because they could not afford to pay the taxes.

It worked. Tax increases were limited to a maximum of 2% a year for all homeowners, not merely those who were "stay-put homeowners." For the 48% who have remained in their homes since 1978, there have been no further reassessments. But let's face it, in time all homes will be sold and thus reassessed, thereby allowing all those greedy politicians to get their hands on more revenue to spend wastefully as only they know how.

Leave Proposition 13 alone. It's doing what was intended and does not need "refurbishing."



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