Kasparov Balks, Refuses to Give Karpov Rematch

From Reuters

World chess champion Gary Kasparov today said he would not grant a rematch to the man he defeated for the title, Anatoly Karpov.

Kasparov, 22, became the youngest world champion in history when he beat Karpov last month after a fierce and strenuous three-month duel.

International Chess Federation President Florencio Campomanes said after the match that Kasparov should defend his title against Karpov within three months.

"I don't have to play that match," the champion said today. "Nothing, nothing at all, in (the federation's) rules obliges the world champion to do so," Kasparov told the French daily Le Figaro from Hilversum, the Netherlands.

He sharply attacked Campomanes's leadership of the federation, saying he was imposing his own views on the world chess organization.

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