Disgruntled Over Operation, Patient Slays Surgical Chief

United Press International

Police are seeking an “unsatisfied” surgery patient at a Brooklyn hospital who stormed into the office of the chief of surgery and fatally shot the doctor in the back, officers said today.

The object of the search is James Miley, 47, who lives near Kings County Hospital where the confrontation took place Monday. The suspect fled on foot.

Thomas Pollock, 40, director of surgical services at the hospital, died about an hour after the shooting.

Miley “was unsatisfied about surgery” performed on him earlier this year, Officer Anthony Vallelong said. Miley went to the hospital to confront his surgeon but found Pollock instead and shot him, Vallelong said.


Police said they did not know the nature of the surgery, but it was reported that Miley had undergone throat surgery at the hospital in September, 1984.