West Hollywood : Commission Appointments

The City Council has announced its appointments to the city's new Planning, Transportation, Human Services, Public Facilities and General Plan Advisory commissions.

Appointed as members of the Planning Commission were planner Jeff Richmond, attorney and business representative Bruce C. Doering, business manager and civic activist Peter J. McAlear, engineering manager and former council candidate Bernard Siegel and UCLA political science major Peter Weinberger.

Appointed to the Transportation Committee were former council candidate Joyce Hundal, Southern California Rapid Transit District official Susan Harvey, real estate broker Jeanne Dobrin, attorney Gary S. Shay and dentist James Fabe.

Appointed to the Human Services Commission were consultant Dr. Ruby Bell Yaryan, Methodist minister the Rev. Michael Cowan, physics professor Lester Hirsch, psychotherapist Richard S. Werner and United Community and Housing Development Corp. project director Zigmund Vays.

Appointed to the Public Facilities Board were Los Angeles Economic Development Office Director Bradford S. Crowe, Los Angeles Arts Repertory Theatre general manager Joanne C. Combs, free-lance photographer Richard Settle, architect Erich Burkhart and civic activist Bob Williams.

Each of the four commissions will also have two at-large appointees, who will be selected early next year.

Twenty-five members of the city's General Plan Advisory Commission were also selected. The appointees are Stephen G. Baker, Lisa Berke, Christopher V. Bonbright, Edgardo Contini, David Etezadi, Ed Ezra, Don Genhart, Joseph Gannon, Nancy M. Haag, Jane Howard, Joyce Hundal, Ronald S. Kates, Mark Lehman, Kay Mitchell, Patricia Moschetta, Karen Ocamb, Robert John Pierson, Phillip Roger Slagle, Sam M.D. Smith, David Snyder, Jim Sode, Ron Stone, Jim Taylor, Nancy Taylor and Joe Thompson.

The council will select six at-large appointees to the commission next year.

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