Deadline Set for Filing Ballot Arguments on Tax Renewal

A Jan. 20 deadline has been set for filing arguments for and against Proposition B, the proposal to renew the tax for weed control and maintenance of streets, parklands and trees. The proposition will be on the April 8 ballot.

Arguments, which are limited to 300 words and may be submitted by any city voter or citizens association, must be filed with the city clerk by 5 p.m. on the deadline day.

The City Council intends to write an argument in favor of the proposition, which was enacted in 1982 and must be renewed by voters every four years.

The tax, now $82 for each parcel, would be reduced to $74 for the 1986-87 fiscal year under the Proposition B renewal proposal. It would increase by about 4.5% a year until expiration of the tax in 1989-90.

Even though the overall tax would go down, the city said 21 owners of apartment buildings would wind up paying considerably more because rental units would be taxed as individual parcels. At present, apartment buildings are taxed as single parcels. Some apartment owners objected to this change last week when the council voted to place Proposition B on the ballot.

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