U.S. Reaction to Terrorism

President Reagan's proposal to sell $1 billion in arms to Saudi Arabia, while at the same time he is ineffectively posturing about economic sanctions against Libya exposes the hypocrisy of his "war against terrorism."

Kadafi is, undoubtedly, a menace. But both in terms of money, arms and training facilities supplied to terrorists, he is a pipsqueak compared to Syria, which in turn is heavily bankrolled by Saudi Arabia.

Typical Reaganism: Grandstand about terrorism where American economic interests are only marginally involved, but support the breeders of terrorism in Saudi Arabia, where American oil interests are heavily involved.

Sen. Alan Cranston (D-Calif.) has correctly called the shots on the Saudi Arabia arms proposal. He said, "Saudi Arabia is still bankrolling the Palestine Liberation Organization and Syria, the protector of terrorists who have murdered Americans and torn Lebanon asunder. Saudi Arabia has frustrated the fitful efforts of Jordan's King Hussein to move forward in the peace process with Israel."

A big first step to diminish terrorism in the Middle East and throughout the world would be to defeat the proposed arms sale to Saudi Arabia.


Mission Viejo

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