Pepsi-Cola is now the best selling soft drink.

According to Beverage Digest, Coca-Cola fell to No. 2 and Coke Classic, which uses the decades-old formula, came in third. But Atlanta-based Coca-Cola Co. continued its overall market domination with a 32.3% share to 24.8% for Pepsico products in 1985, the publication said. Although it is the nation's biggest single selling brand, the market share of Pepsi actually declined in 1985 to 18.6% from the 18.8% that it reached in 1984. New Coke won a 15% market share in 1985, the publication said, and Coca Cola Classic, after being reintroduced in midyear, earned a 5.9% share. In 1984, the single formula of Coca-Cola had a 21.7% market share, a 1% decline from 1983. In 1984, Coca-Cola's lead over Pepsico products was 30.7% to 24.7%.

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