Faust’s Salary Figures Just Don’t Add Up

Gerry Faust’s comment (Morning Briefing, Feb. 23) on his salary at Notre Dame deserves comment. Faust, comparing his “paltry” salary ($70,000) at Akron University to his earnings at Notre Dame, stated that while at Notre Dame he worked “14- to 16-hour days, seven days a week all but Christmas Day and a couple of weeks in June and it figured out to $2 to $3 an hour.”

Based on my calculations (350 work days multiplied by 16 hours a day multiplied by $3 an hour) Faust is trying to imply that his annual earnings at Notre Dame were under $17,000.

It would appear that Gerry Faust the mathematician is about as proficient as Gerry Faust the football coach.


Thousand Oaks