NBC is planning a big bash to...

NBC is planning a big bash to celebrate its 60th anniversary. The three-hour special, due for broadcast in May, will feature more than 100 celebrities, including Bob Hope, Johnny Carson, Milton Berle, Angie Dickinson, Michael Landon and Michael J. Fox.

Mike Farrell stars as a new husband who may be the victim of a "Hoax," a TV movie that's being filmed in Canada for CBS. Margot Kidder plays the woman he may--or may not--have married, while Elliott Gould portrays a police lieutenant. Also featured are Fred Gwynne and Graham Jarvis.

Coming March 19 on CBS is "Assassin," a TV movie starring Robert Conrad as a former government agent who is commissioned to track down a human-looking robot. The robot, programmed to kill, has gotten out of control. Richard Young plays the machine and Karen Austin portrays one of its creators.

"T. J. Hooker" is now a late-night series on CBS, but the network has ordered a two-hour TV movie with the show's characters. In "Blood Sport," the police officers portrayed by William Shatner, Heather Locklear and James Darren are assigned to protect the lives of a U.S. senator and his wife.

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