Lynwood : New Site for 2nd Campus

After more than two years of squabbling over a potential site for a $34-million high school, the Lynwood Unified School District Board of Education has voted for another site.

The board voted 3-2 Tuesday to accept a 36-acre site encompassing a Zodys department store, Super Foods Warehouse grocery store, the recreational field of the Seventh-day Adventist Academy and church and at least 28 residences. The debate began in late 1983, after the state Allocation Board approved money for a new school to relieve crowding in the district's only high school. In April, 1984, the board voted unanimously to accept the first location, known as the Ham Park site. That 31-acre site includes a 10.6-acre city park. The City Council and the school district has clashed over the disposition of the park. The council maintained that, because of a deed restriction, the land could only be used for a park.

"We have agonized over this issue long enough. We have been assured by the environmental impact report that only a minimal amount of homes will be affected," said board President Thelma Williams before casting the deciding vote for the second site. Board members Willard Hawn Reed and Richard Armstrong also voted for the second site. Board members Joe Battle and Helen Andersen voted against the site.

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