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A Vacaville firm is voluntarily recalling about 3,800 large cans of its Chef Boy-ar-dee beef ravioli because they may contain organisms that cause food spoilage, the Agriculture Department said. American Home Foods Inc. is recalling beef ravioli in tomato and meat sauce from food outlets in Alaska, Arizona, California, Texas and Washington. Anyone who has the product should return it to the location where it was purchased. So far, the department's tests have not shown presence of organisms that cause botulism, a serious form of food poisoning, or have there been complaints of illnesses associated with the product. But in extreme cases, officials said, food spoilage organisms detected in some of the cans could indicate potential growth of organisms that cause botulism. The product can be identified by the establishment number 609 and code K275 embossed on the end of the can. No other products distributed by the firm are affected by the recall.

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