"STOP PRETENDING." The Pandoras. Rhino. Pity the poor fool who has to measure up to Paula Pierce's expectations. Throughout this bitchin' album of '60s-flavored raunch, the lead Pandora chastises and sneers at the men in her life. There are a few upbeat romance ravers here, but for the most part Pierce's attitude toward romance is summarized in the opening song title: "In and Out of My Life (In a Day)." The Pandoras may be an all-girl group, but Pierce's gruff, mannish vocals and macho attitude make her just one of the dudes. This album represents a quantum leap in songwriting, musicianship and production over the Pandoras' debut. Pierce's vocals are uneven and the songs are more duplication than inspiration, but "Stop Pretending" effectively plays tough with stereotypes about '60s bands and girl bands, putting Pierce and her cohorts on top--which seems to be the position they prefer.

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