Fullerton Votes Not to Fund Second Phase of Airport Study

As expected, the Fullerton City Council voted against funding the second phase of a study of the commercial and industrial potential of the area surrounding the city's airport.

As reported earlier this week, the initial stage of the study found that a surplus of commercial and industrial space in nearby cities, combined with the airport area's distance from freeways, lack of identity and haphazard development, precludes significant additional development in the area for at least five years.

The final phase of the study, by Lavanthol & Horwath, a Los Angeles real estate consulting and accounting company, would have cost about $10,000. The city paid $45,000 for the first stage. But Terry Galvin, the city's redevelopment manager, questioned the cost-effectiveness of further expenditures and said that the city could make recommended landscaping improvements on its own.

Bill Winter, Fullerton city manager, said the city staff presently is putting together a proposal for a landscape master plan for the entire airport.

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