On a Tailor-Made Search for Patterns

In a tailor-made effort to achieve good form, Los Angeles readers Mildred A. Reed and Virginia Lee are after a pattern. Reed wants someone to make some dress patterns for her (she says she can sew up a storm and even tailor a suit), and Lee needs patterns for crochet dresses. Can you figure out how to improve the personal fitness of these two readers, or will we see an unraveling of the entire yarn?

For her narrow French windows, Sue Mallett of Pacific Palisades needs sheer white curtains, 40 inches wide and 60 inches long per panel, with a three-inch ruffle all the way around, so that they can be reversed after washing. Can you help support Mallett's open-door policy, or will a narrow-minded approach ruffle her feathers?

Helen Jensen of Los Angeles has worn out all her Peppy Steps shoes she bought in Florida two years ago, but she has not been able to find that brand in California. Can you help by stepping up with a source, or will Jensen feel that she has worn out her welcome before the shoe fits once again?

Following in Jensen's footsteps, Betty Noone of Torrance is looking for Angel Tread slippers (not mules). Can you help Noone walk on Cloud 9 again, or will this be another chance that is slipping away right from under her feet?

Reader-to-Reader Help Line: For a large Passover family seder, Edythe at (714) 738-0514 needs dishes for Mikasa pattern Chateau Lafite L-9322; the dishes were sold a few years ago at Robinson's. This is a bread-and-butter issue for Edythe and nothing that should be passed over lightly. Please jump right in and prevent a large exodus from her table next month; no questions asked. . . . To be able to screen 35 years of family events, Jean-Pierre at (818) 244-7892 has his eye on a WD-40 Argus Electromatic slide projector, or at least the slide carrier for that projector. Please see to it that his family won't go down in history without making at least one good showing. . . . Patricia at (818) 360-9574 desperately needs three graduated pots and a frying pan of Colorama cookware designed by Carmella Rossini and made by Mirrorware of England; the pieces came with either green or bright-red cover. Please make sure that Patricia can put the frying pan onto the fire before her cooking goes to pot.

Note: The Reader-to-Reader Help Line is only for products no longer available in stores. And you must give us written permission to publish your telephone number.

Anna Bishop of Glendale, who was looking for dress shirts with two pockets (her husband liked Mr. California shirts best, she says) can get what she wants without even getting her shirt wet. Frank Izo, president of Mr. California, writes that Penney's in the Glendale Galleria carries the shirts. Other stores in that area that carry two-pocket shirts include Ivers in La Canada (from Mildred Dale of Montrose) and Hess in Tujunga (from Louise Smith of Tujunga). Julie Coolidge of Riverside says Page 426 of the Sears Big & Tall Men's Spring 1986 catalogue shows shirts with two pockets. According to Mrs. Richard Tate of Bellflower and Betty Bradley of Pico Rivera, the Roberts stores in that area (Pico Rivera, Santa Fe Springs and La Mirada) also carry such shirts. J. C. of Hawthorne says Uniforms Inc., 2889 W. Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles, sells a white fireman's dress shirt with short sleeves and without pocket flaps. In addition, we have two mail-order sources: Shepler's, P.O. Box 7702, Wichita, Kan. 67277 (from Ellen Taylor of Hawthorne) and Blair, Warren, Ohio (from Ruth Frame of San Juan Capistrano).

We've had several requests for Fuller Brush products. In the San Fernando Valley area, contact Lorraine Osborne at (818) 509-0656.

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