$25,000 Cabin Cruiser Explodes at Oxnard; Blast Heard 4 Miles

Special to the Times

A 32-foot cabin cruiser exploded while anchored in Oxnard's Channel Islands Harbor early Friday, raining debris on nearby homes and shattering windows in 10 houses that line the harbor, authorities reported.

No one was injured when the boat blew apart shortly after 2 a.m., but residents sleeping in their homes as far as four miles away were awakened, an Oxnard Fire Department spokesman said.

The owner of the gasoline-powered craft, Frederick Moumarski, who lives on board, was not present when it exploded, said Clarence Cabell, harbor operations supervisor.

Minor damage was done to some nearby homes, Cabell said. Value of the boat, which was destroyed, was estimated at $25,000.

U.S. Coast Guard personnel cleaned up the debris and about 50 gallons of gasoline from the water.

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