Buddy Still Goes by the Numbers

When Buddy Ryan was defensive coordinator for the Super Bowl champion Chicago Bears, he often had trouble with his players' names. In fact, Bear Coach Mike Ditka said that Chicago's 46 defense became a byword because Ryan couldn't remember the name of veteran safety Doug Plank, who wore No. 46.

Ryan, new coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, showed that his memory hasn't gotten any better at his first meeting with his new team at a minicamp last weekend.

"I like that Rockenbach," Ryan said, referring to middle linebacker Mike Reichenbach. "And I liked, uh, 52," Ryan added, unable to recall Rich Kraynak's name.

Add Ryan: While in Chicago, he often clashed with Ditka because Ryan insisted on doing things his way when it came to defense. He hasn't changed there, either.

One of Ryan's first moves was to switch defensive end Reggie White to tackle.

"I didn't ask him. I told him," Ryan said.

Owner Bill Bidwill has been threatening to move the St. Louis Cardinals, and earlier this week some St. Louis residents were alarmed when five moving vans pulled up at the club's offices at Busch Stadium.

Rumors spread wildly as fans recalled that owner Robert Irsay had moved the Baltimore Colts out of town in the middle of the night two years ago.

It turned out to be a false alarm. The moving vans, filled with furniture, pulled away, only to stop on the other side of the stadium, were new Coach Gene Stallings is moving his staff into new offices.

Charles Owens has won two PGA Senior tournaments this year, but the 56-year-old golfer got his biggest thrill when his wife made him a father for the eighth time this winter.

"When you see anyone else carrying a baby out here, he's the grandfather," Owens said.

While coaching at Notre Dame, it seemed that Gerry Faust was facing a top 10 team every week. He won't have to worry about that in his new job at Akron.

Athletic Director Dave Adams announced Friday that the Zips will open their season Sept. 6 at home against Salem College--enrollment 1,200--of West Virginia.

"I think they're gonna surprise a lot of people," Faust said of Salem. "They're not a bad football team."

Had Notre Dame renewed his contract, Faust would be opening with Michigan.


California League President Joseph Gagliardi, on San Jose Bees' general manager Harry Steve, who has signed former major leaguers Derrel Thomas, Ken Reitz, Mike Norris and Steve Howe: "If Harry wanted to sign King Kong, he could sign King Kong."

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