Robert Hilburn closed his otherwise excellent article on Rhino Records by stating that Rhino's catalogue never got played on the radio ("Rhinos Zany Charge Into Pop's Humor and History," March 9)

So what's "The Dr. Demento Show"? Chopped liver?

For the last 15 years, Dr. Demento has played a virtual greatest hits of Rhino Records. In fact, Demento's first few comedy compilation LP's (he has three, including a recently released six-record set on Rhino/Capitol) are on the Rhino label.

His show is made up of everything funny on Rhino Records. We've even interviewed on the air co-owners Richard Foos and Harold Bronson. And Bobby (Boris) Pickett, when he made the remake of "Monster Mash."

I'm sure leaving the good Doctor's name out of the article was not a purposeful slight (the doc doesn't have an enemy in the world), but I wanted to set the record straight. I look forward to many more articles from Hilburn regarding his favorite subjects: Prince, Elvis Costello and the Meat Puppets.



"The Dr. Demento Show"

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