Liked Shapell Article

Your article (March 23) on Nathan Shapell was a welcome one!

His autographed photo in my office always evokes questions, which lead to lengthy explanations about the accomplishments of this man, so I am more than happy to have this newsprint to frame beside it.

Many years ago, you did a splendid feature on Mr. Shapell and his wife, Lily, in your magazine section, and I was fascinated by one facet of his character--his punctuality. At that time, he used to set his watch 10 minutes ahead, so that he would never be late to his many meetings.

As a real estate broker, our paths crossed in the 1970s, and again in 1976, when my son Lance lost his life in an automobile accident. It was then my turn to write a book, "The Diary for Dreamers" (available at the Bodhi Tree). Most of the input for the book came from great and talented persons, with the proceeds from its sales providing a useful memorial project. Mr. Shapell was impressed by the book and made a generous contribution for which the Claremont High School and residents of Claremont and I are most deeply grateful.

The people of California are most fortunate to be recipients of his leadership in industry, on the Little Hoover Commission and the community at large.


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