<i> ESS</i> OR <i> OR</i> --THE PROBLEM SUFFIX

At its recent general membership meeting, Women in Theatre members discussed extensively the use of actress and actor.

The industry still hires more men than women in almost every job category: roles for men outnumber those for women in nearly every prime-time show; production crews are almost always exclusively male (despite growing ranks of trained and employable females); and executive and creative positions of authority are overwhelming held by men.

Until the entertainment industry willingly hires qualified women in the same proportion as it hires qualified men, labels and job titles are simply less important to most women than actually getting the job. Don’t confuse our reluctance to be militant over labels with a willingness to give up any ground in our battle for equality.

The struggle for women’s rights has been long and hard-fought, and isn’t over yet. Part of ending the struggle is economic parity for women--"call us anything, just call us.”


Director of Communications

Women in Theatre