The Job-Hunt Jungle

I’ve been unemployed since December. In that time I’ve responded to about 40 job advertisements and three referrals from the state employment office. The last referral was not to an employer but to another employment agency!

I’m sure there’s a good reason why a tax-supported employment service is pandering for a private employment agency, but I’ve a hunch most Americans would find it as repulsive as I do. Not surprising, just repulsive.

During the time I’ve been looking for work I’ve learned the following:

- The number of job seekers, i.e. unemployed, is much larger than indicated by the state-supplied statistics.


- The state employment office serves to block rather than filter contact between employers and employees.

It would be much simpler if employers had direct access to state employment office data. For example, if someone were looking for a fully qualified, ex-Navy electronics type with analog, RF, and digital background--including programming in several languages--my name would pop out of the file . . .

(Sorry about that but, like Tarzan said, it’s a jungle out there.)